The Naam

I went on a 30-day vegetarian diet with some friends of mine during the first month of the Insanity workout program. Our leader was super determined to get healthy and by going vegetarian, she figured it would be a good way to go. As students, we can’t always cook so we were on a hunt for vegetarian restaurants. The Naam is probably one of the most popular vegetarian restaurants and for good reason.

Front of house, vines and all give it that home-y, vegetable-focused feel

Front of house, vines and all give it that home-y, vegetable-focused feel

The Naam is a medium-sized restaurant with a really cramped opening and homely decorations. It feels quite hipster but I feel that it suits the concept of the restaurant. Food-wise, the first time I went, I had one of the Naam Dragon Bowl and I split their Tuscan Nachos with two other people. The second time, I had the Tempeh Reuben and my friend and I split a Cocoa Hemp Ball. Both experiences were great and the third time around, it was just as good. This time, I ordered the Maui Maui Burger. It’s a veggie patty with teriyaki sauce, lettuce, tomato, sprouts, pineapple, water chestnuts, mushrooms and a very big slice of cucumber. On the side is their shredded beet and carrot sides that they put on everything.

Pineapple, water chestnuts, teriyaki sauce and more.

Pineapple, water chestnuts, teriyaki sauce and more.

The burger itself was delicious but it was just a bit dry. It was a very big burger and taking the first bite was a challenge due to its size. The patty felt apart as it did not take kindly to pressure but the crunchy edges was a great textural contrast. I could have upgraded to a platter and get Sesame Fries with Miso Gravy on the side but I didn’t. A decision I strongly regret as I tried my friend’s Gold Dragon and the Sesame Fries drenched in Miso Gravy with melted cheese on top was simply divine.

Tofu, sesame fries, miso gravy, cheese and vegetables.

Tofu, sesame fries, miso gravy, cheese and vegetables.

Coming to the Naam always fills me up. There’s so much fibre and healthy ingredients in their food that filling up is always worth it. Besides being a vegetarian restaurant, The Naam is open 24hours. They’re also located conveniently along a street where buses run for almost 24hours as well. The Naam is the perfect place to eat after late nights out and you get decent portions for the price. If you’re a vegan, they have purely vegan dishes on their menu alongside a wide array of desserts in the front counter. They also have live music playing certain nights. I believe that they had a live performer every night for the month of May. I would definitely come back to The Naam. I already have twice and I foresee more visits in the future.



2 thoughts on “The Naam

  1. come on stop is horrible, i am not living in Vancouver and I have no benefit of saying that, but it was the most disgusting experience I ever had with my family and it made us very worry to try any other restaurants.

    • Really? Oh no 😦 that’s really unfortunate that your family didn’t enjoy it and it caused you to feel that way about dining out in Vancouver. Perhaps it just wasn’t for you. I find their food quite delicious considering it being vegetarian (I love meat) and the fact that they’re open 24/7 is a plus. What did you order?


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