La Casa Gelato

I first heard about this gelato place through 604NomNom and the wide variety of flavours intrigued me. Then, my friend who is graduating told me that she wanted to visit this place before she goes back to Calgary after her graduation. She remembers visiting this place as a child and she wanted to revisit it for nostàlgia. I took this opportunity to satisfy my curiosity and finally, we had the chance to visit.

They can be located on the corner of Prior St and Glen Dr

They can be located on the corner of Prior St and Glen Dr

The exterior of the building wasn’t the best looking so I was a bit unimpressed but once I went inside, the colour scheme, theme and the rows and rows of ice cream flavours was enough to get me super excited. I must have tried about 10 flavours before deciding which two flavours I was going to choose. I only remember the names of three because they have the easiest names and most memorable flavour profiles: Curry, Seaweed, and Kimchi. Three words: interesting but disgusting. You might ask why I decided to risk my taste buds and make them go through such an unpleasant experience but I avoided all the sweeter dessert flavours because in twopigsinapod fashion, you gotta go with the uncommon.

A quiet day. Must be the weather

A quiet day. Must be the weather

The way the store is set up is that you pay for your ice cream first then they give you a poker chip with the number of scoops you have written on it. It definitely made the experience fun and I think it’s a good way to track of customers when it gets busy.

Claim your gelato with this coin!

Claim your gelato with this coin!

I set my heart on getting two scoops of two different flavours that you wouldn’t normally find in stores and other gelato places. My gelato is on the left piled high on top of a waffle cone. The flavour up top was Pineapple Poppyseed and below it was Figs and Lemon Zest. My friend chose Pandan (green) and what I believe is Ultimate Mango.

Pineapple Poppyseed, Ultimate Mango, Pandan, Figs and Lemon Zest (in clockwise order starting from the top left scoop)

Pineapple Poppyseed, Ultimate Mango, Pandan, Figs and Lemon Zest (in clockwise order starting from the top left scoop)

She chose really good flavours. They were both flavourful and sweet. Pandan is a Southeast Asian plant that countries in that area often use for cooking. It’s hard to explain how pandan tastes like but I think La Casa’s gelato is a good introduction to the flavour. You could definitely taste the pandan without it being too overwhelming. The Ultimate Mango was, as described by it’s name, ultimately mango flavoured. There was so much mango flavour in that scoop and it was extremely delicious.

My chosen two were okay. My favourite between the two would have to be the Pineapple Poppyseed. It had some small chunks of pineapple and it had good pineapple flavour without too much sweetness. The poppyseeds provided more texture than flavour. I found it to be quite yummy. On the other hand, the Figs and Lemon Zest was more painful to get through. There was too much lemon zest in the gelato and this made it taste bitter. I thought it was going to taste sweeter because of the figs but the lemon zest overpowered the figs. By the end of the scoop, I was spitting out the lemon zest into a napkin as I let the gelato melt into my mouth. The waffle cone was average at best.

With this many flavours, I will return to La Casa for sure. There’s so many more interesting flavour profiles and combinations that I am extremely excited to try out. If you’re an adventurous diner looking to cool off in the upcoming summer, then La Casa is the best place to go. They offer gelato, sorbetto and low-fat options for the health conscious. World-renowned for its huge selection of homemade gelato flavours numbering over 200, this place is definitely a must-eat.


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